Highway Hell  (1941) Crime Film  from Broken Trout

Highway Hell (1941) Crime Film from Broken Trout

Year: 2018
Authors: Broken Trout
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 Highway Hell 1941 movie. Low budget crime drama gangster film. AKA Hitchhike to hell. Good example of grindhouse movies with a bottom feeding criminal attempting to take over the "wagon wheel" roadside tavern & cabins. He plans on using it as a base for his stable of saloon gals.Though somewhat talky, the films pacing is not bad with some much needed unintentional humor. this almost has the feel of a 1930s crime film but the more modern aspect gives it away. not for everybody but old black and white movie fans should enjoy it. - Broken Trout -fans should enjoy it. Comments:
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